Collective melt-down at Lovesong

Last week’s trip to Abi Morgan’s Lovesong at the Citizen’s Theatre scored a significant hit to the tear-ducts. A great night out, a good weep and lots to ponder on. Read on for Anna and Aaron’s critical reviews….

Lovesong (Abi Morgan). Citizen’s Theatre. Friday 10th February.
Anyone who witnessed the quiet, teary group of teenagers in the lobby of the Citizens Theatre would understand without explanation our reaction to Abi Morgan’s ‘Lovesong’. The reasons for this reaction are simple. The mix of a story that seemed heartbreakingly real, blended with surreal and poignant choreography, which contained elements that were nothing short of magic. Leaving even the six-foot sci-fi geeks among us admitting to having shed a few tears.
The story is simple in linear plot terms, but the story of an old couple (Sam Cox, Sian Phillips) coming to the end of their relationship after many years is intertwined with the story of the start of their time as a couple (Edward Bennett, Leanne Rowe). All of this is set in the one location of their house which soon becomes as familiar as your own living room, despite bizarre sights such as a woman walking into a wardrobe and the younger version of herself walking out. This sort of thing happens often as one scene with the older couple merges and flows effortlessly into one with their youthful counterparts.
The emotional responses to the story itself ranged from quiet appreciation to floods of tears which lasted long after the performance had ended. But the beautiful movement sequences, surreal yet also somehow a natural part of the fabric of the story, were unanimously praised . Some I have spoken to have told me about feeling powerful emotions before they can even identify why, suddenly changing from laughter (which was frequently heard) to tears. This is the best way I can find to describe ‘Lovesong’. It is the most poignant love story I’ve seen in a long time, haunting in a way that can only be known by seeing it for yourself.
Anna Smeaton


I would recommend Lovesong to others, and though it is sad, it is a very good show to see. I loved it and I’m sure others will too.
Aaron Herschell

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