The Insanity Game

While Firefly’s Artistic Director, Eleanor, is on maternity leave, we’ve been fostering a changeling production company, whose up and coming show has been written, produced, directed and performed entirely by Firefly participants. An interesting experiment and an excellent learning curve for all involved!
So whatever you do, don’t miss this show. Written by Matthew Swan and directed by Anna Smeaton The Insanity Game is twisted, demonic and dark, laced with laughter, screaming and fun. Join Amy Jones on a journey through a hellish and torturous game that could send her insane. Can Amy cling onto hope and defeat the evil Lord of Insanity, or will she simply become another cog in his perfect machine?
The Insanity Game is on at the Firefly Studio in Howden Park Centre.
Friday 5th of April: 7.30pm
Saturday 6th of April:  2.30pm & 7.30pm
Tickets should be booked by emailing
or by contacting Matthew Swan in person
Tickets: £8. Concessions: £5/Students:£6/Firefly Participants: £3

The Insanity Game is not suitable for under 12’s, and contains language and themes of an adult nature.

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