Firefly to perform at NFYT

WIP1Good news for Firefly’s Production Company – we’ve once again been selected to perform at this year’s National Festival of Youth Theatre in Glenrothes, 5th to 8th July 2013. With an emphasis on inclusion, education and collaboration, the National Festival of Youth Theatre offers unique opportunity for hundreds of young people in Scotland and Ireland to share artistic practice and passion, and develop as independent and creative thinkers.

Directors Eleanor Morrison and Sarah MacDonald will be leading the Company in a quirky, Firefly adaptation of Aristophanes’ Women In Power. This is the tale of Praxagora and friends who, tired at the way their men run the city,  don macho disguises, infiltrate the Assembly and create a socialist state that rules on all aspects of city life, from housing to love-making. Firefly aim to present a sharp, modernist take on Aristophanes’ comic and bawdy tale of power shifts between the men and women of ancient Athens. 

Fully BSL signed by the cast, Women In Power will be performed at Howden Park Centre on Thursday 4th July before moving to the 4-day NFYT event in Fife.


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