Fabulous Fire Raisers

Congratulations to the cast of Firefly’s production of The Fire Raisers last weekend! Written by Max Frisch in 1953, this is a challenging play with dark and discomforting themes. Yet there was fun and mischief to be made by a chorus of self-righteous firefighters and 2 alarmingly slippery strangers, worming their way into a dysfunctional household. Not to mention a wreath sent in error, an attic full of  petrol and a sly request for matches.

Was there a happy ending? Alas no. But we had lots of fun all the same!

Well done to all who took part. Special thanks to Laura Stephen for Directing, Amy Wilson as Assistant Director, Malcolm Rogan for Lighting, Ruaridh Gibbons as Lighting Assistant, Fly Arts for costumes and Sinclair MacKenzie for photos.


For more photos click onto Media/Photos/The Fire Raisers.
To view the programme click onto Productions/2013 Productions


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