Contacting The World: Jamaica Calling…

IMG_1300We’re delighted to announce that Firefly have been selected as one of 3 UK youth theatre companies to participate in this year’s Contacting The World international theatre exchange programme. This bi-annual project provides an international platform for new connections, theatre skills and performance between young people from different backgrounds

Firefly have been twinned with Quilt Performing Arts Company in Jamaica, and we’ll be setting each other monthly tasks to develop collaborative process and performance.There will be an exchange visit to Jamaica in the spring and a production in West Lothian, before all 6 Contacting The World companies come together to perform at the Manchester Festival in July 2014.

Congratulations to all Firefliers who put together the winning application. There’s plenty of hard graft ahead, including the fund-raising, but you’re in for a great time!

Meanwhile catch up on Contacting The World and the other participating companies at:


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