COMMON GROUND: A Firefly Premiere

CGposterA5There’s a big night out for Firefly’s talented young film-makers this month, with the premiering of Common Ground, the pinnacle film of our 2-year project for young people, 731 Bathgate Nights. Shot in July 2013 and shaped by narrative and visual references from a series of link films, Common Ground emerges as a beautiful, witty and quirky reflection on growing up in West Lothian.

Following the premiere on Friday 22nd November, Common Ground will be released on Firefly’s Vimeo site at on Saturday 23rd November. Check this site out now and you can enjoy the link films created by young people across West Lothian, who have honed their film, tech and performance skills through 731 Bathgate Nights. Our thanks to our excellent young film-makers, Jen Randall, the lead artist/film-maker on this project, and for invaluable support from Geraldine Heaney, Kirsty Byers, Dom Bush, David McKeitch and Euan Ryan

731 Bathgate Nights and Common Ground have been funded by Creative Scotland.CS_Lottery_HI_bw

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