Well Scratched

IMG_1933 (2)Guid Scratch 2013, our script-in hand showcase for young, not so young, aspiring and established artists, provided a great night out last weekend. New writing included work by Davey Anderson, Sylvia Dow, Catherine Grosvenor, Ross Walker and Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh. Along with excellent directing and performance, all pieces were eclectically framed by the delights of Swedish Bingo and local band Tropical Penguin.

Guid Scratch is an annual event that invites scripts and work in progress from new and established writers. Once work has been selected, the GS panel line up a director and performers for each piece. All come together for an intensive afternoon of 30 minute rehearsals before this script-in-hand, seat-of-your-pants event takes place that same evening.

Programme, performance and entertainment levels this year were phenomenal. Check out the photos here. Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed, with special thanks to Guid Scratch Die-Hards, Ellie Stewart, Philip Kingscott and Mary Gapinski.

Scratch on…

IMG_1967 (2)IMG_0477 IMG_1992

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