Molière meets Made In Chelsea

IMG_691510 young performers (all S1 and S2) took the baton and ran last week, creating a full production of Molière’s Tartuffe in just 6 days. Astonishing stuff, not least because most of the boys played women and most of the girls played the men.

Deftly directed by Laura Stephen, with set and cast beautifully and comically dressed by Alison Brown, this was a mad romp of a play – a satirical tale that careered through family dispute, religious hypocrisy and moral retribution.Thoroughly enjoyable and an exceptional achievement for all involved. Check out the photos here and the programme here.

Thanks to the following for their sterling work and fortitude:

Director: Laura Stephen
Assistant Director: Matthew Jones
Design/Costume: Alison Brown
Lighting Design: Laura Hawkins
Photography: Sinclair MacKenzie

PS: We were very sad at having to hand the chandeliers back.  Our thanks to Catherine Wheels and their opulent props store for the loan.  IMG_6942

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