Brilliant Savagery

IMG_0979Congratulations to the cast and production team of last week’s Lord Of The Flies. William Golding’s dark tale provided these young performers with a mine of themes to explore – conformity, friendship, control  and conflict. With excellent performances by all, particularly as  the drama built and the characters unraveled, Jess Brettle’s eerie set lent this production an unsettling sense of fallibility, deterioration and latent savagery.IMG_0954

A success all the more astonishing for the fact that this show was produced through Firefly’s annual Easter production project – blocked, rehearsed and performed in just 6 days! A huge ask for our young performers (12-16 years), but their commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm for the challenge shone through. Special thanks to Director Anna Humphries, the Production and Design team who imbued this production with such professionalism, and our talented actors: Ailsa, Alyssa, Dana, Erin, Faye, Lucina, Maebh, Matthew, Max and Taylor. View Lord Of The Flies 2015 photos here. View Lord Of The Flies programme here. Production photos: Sinclair MacKenzie

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