IMG_0564Congratulations to the cast and production team for last week’s performance of Humming in the Firefly Studio. This devised piece (by our Young Production Company, Filament) is set in a painting and decorating apprenticeship workshop, where characters unravel through a barrage of word-games, physical theatre, film and wall-papering. Funny, unsettling and given to bouts of fantasy, performances were excellent throughout – and this production represents a significant move forward for Firefly and young adult performers in West Lothian.

Humming has been devised for Youth Theatre Arts Scotland’s Chrysalis programme, and despite the professionalism of last week’s show, is very much a work-in-progress.Thanks to all the performers who committed so readily to this project, to Kirsty Byers for pulling the work together and directing, Jess Brettle for costume and design, Malcolm Rogan for lighting design, Izzy Ross for choreography, Laura Firth for film and Sinclair MacKenzie for photography.

Special thanks also to Brian Mcgown at West Lothian College for essential wallpapering lessons. Thankfully none of the cast are, as yet, relying on their decorating skills to earn a living!

Click here to view the programme for Humming

Click here to view the photographs for Humming

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