IMG_0026Linlithgow’s Company LA produced quality performance and inspired staging of Kafka’s Metamorphosis last weekend. Congratulations to all who performed and worked on this ambitious project, the dark and predatory tale of a young man who wakes to find he has turned into a beetle. The repercussions of this transformation move quickly from the young man himself to the the wider world of family, work and social norm. Sadly, in this case, love only goes so far.

Directed in the round by Anna Humphries, with the giant beetle (made up of 4 performers) imprisoned in an eerily lit scaffolding tower, this was a strikingly visual and provocative   production.The quality of set and lighting design (Jess Brettle and Malcolm Rogan) created an immersive experience for the audience from the start, and contributed greatly to an excellent night of seriously good theatre from this talented young cast.

Click here to view the programme for Metamorphosis
Click here to view more photographs from Metamorphosis
(Images by Sinclair MacKenzie) Mstrip1 Mstrip2


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