The Gates


The last of Firefly’s 3 summer shows, The Gates, rampaged it’s way through the Firefly Studio last weekend. Devised by Livingston’s Company 54 and directed by Kirsty Byers, this production didn’t hold back in its depiction of the bureaucracy, politics and general mayhem of teenagers trapped in transition between heaven and hell.

Combining strong performance with celestial dance routines and cutting social commentary, this production took no prisoners. While not afraid to parody themselves on stage, this young cast’s sense of off-stage camaraderie shone through.

Congratulations to all who contributed to this confident and live-wire production, in particular Jess Brettle and Malcolm Rogan for their wonderfully whacky set, costume and lighting design, and Sinclair MacKenzie for photography.IMG_0036IMG_0063

To see more photos from The Gates look here (photos by Sinclair MacKenzie)

To see The Gates programme look here

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