Summer Luvvies

The weather may have been disappointing, but young Firefiers have had a great summer of drama, performance,creative play, music  film and writing events. Highlights include the 4 day National  Festival of Youth Theatre where 10 young people (undeterred by leaking tents) presented recent film-work and immersed themselves in workshops, performances, ceilidh and open-mic

Drama fun and performance projects took place in Linlithgow and Armadale, giving us a chance to meet lots of new faces, while our Cabaret project at Howden Park Centre showcased the diverse (and often illuminating) talents of both participants and staff.

F-Gaze, this year’s summer film project, involved an intrepid all-girl film crew filming an all-boy dance group in the wilds of the Kilpatrick Hills. Over-coming cold, wet and windy conditions, and the challenging terrain of  Devils Pulpit and The Whangie, these young film-makers will have surely earned that elusive Firefly Endurance Badge.FGaze01

Our final summer project, 3 Days In Summer, offered our growing number of young writers the opportunity to share work, inspiration, ideas and food in the beautiful surroundings of Beecraigs Country Park.

A highly productive summer then – and all made possible by our excellent team of staff, volunteers and associate artists. Huge thanks to the following for making 2015 a great summer!  Alison Cockcroft, Anna Humphries, Ellie Stewart, Geraldine Heaney, Jen Randall, Kirsty Byers, Laura Stephen, Natali McCleary, Polly Phillips and Rosie Reid. image

Meanwhile see below for Firefly’s autumn term of workshops, projects, training and performance events which restart on Monday 31st August. See you soon….  Autumn 15




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