Autumn Happenings

Firefly’s busy Autumn term is under way, and we are already up to our ears in workshops, projects and events. Highlights include:

Firefly’s winter show is now in rehearsal. Join us for pre-Christmas fun and magic with four performances, 4th, 5th and 6th December.
We’re delighted to be working with a talented young cast from Pinewood School, who will be performing at the Shakespeare Schools Festival at Platform on Tuesday 17th November. Directed by Kirsty Byers, there will be a home show in Blackburn on Friday 13th November – so appropriate!
Firefly are nurturing our own clan of Eco-Warriers through this new project in collaboration with Creative Carbon Scotland. With international climate-change talks in Paris at the end of November, the group are devising a series of site-specific pieces for linked climate-change events across Scotland.
Following the success of last year’s smoking cessation film project, Firefly are once again working with Falla Hill Primary’s enthusiastic young performers and film-makers. This time to raise greater awareness of alcohol-related issues. Supported by West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Services, and led by the children themselves, we seem to be on track for another kid-wise and thoughtful community resource.
Our West Lothian-wide youth arts development project just continues to grow – with visual arts, fab film and media activity, and mentoring for young writers. Watch this space for news on the Word In Your Ear gathering in February 2016

Firefly AWIYE Scarves

 ..and so much more besides; including our after-school film and drama workshops, contemporary theatre and young production companies, training and outreach programmes. For more information on workshops, productions, projects and all things Firefly call 01506 333005 or email


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