SnowHoper Triumphs!

xMAS15Congratulations to cast and production team of  Firefly’s winter show, Tilly SnowHoper, who treated us to 4 fantastic performances last weekend. Set in a snow-globe, Tilly tells the story of a town that needs to work collectively to restore the light and shimmer. With a science-obsessed heroine, a posse of adventurers, one neurotic mayor and three mysterious oddballs playing Twister, this show entertained on a myriad of levels.


Tilly was written by Kirsty Byers and directed by Laura Stephen and Anna Humphries, with assistant director Amy Wilson. With 2 casts of young actors aged 8 to 18, the complexity of this production has been a roller-coaster of a ride. But we definitely finished on top, with excellent performances, some quirky humour, lots of science and, of course, that elusive shimmer (which varied in each performance from a gentle flutter to a near blizzard!)


Huge thanks to all our young performers and their families, who committed so fully to the project and helped us to create such a beautiful show. Thanks also to Jess Brettle for her wonderful design, Malcolm Rogan for lighting and essential snow management, Polly Philips for musical direction, Izzy Ross for the show-stopping choreography and Sinclair MacKenzie for some cracking photos.


For more Tilly SnowHoper photos click here.

For the Tilly SnowHoper programme see here.



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