NORD Magic

img_7683An eerie chill descended into the Firefly Studio last weekend, as 2 casts of talented young performers treated us to a winter tale of Arctic fishing folk, unusual ice formation, a trapped Beluga whale, and some strange and dastardly visitors.

With set and costume design by Jess Brettle and lighting design by Laura Hawkins, this was an exceptionally atmospheric Firefly production, and all four audiences were treated to illuminated ice-flows, chill factor fog and icy seascapes.


But while the setting may have been minus 20 degrees, the resolve, poignancy and humour of the story-line certainly warmed our hearts. Huge congratulations therefore, to the 19 cast members, aged 8 to 19 years,who performed this winter wonder with such integrity, zest and enthusiasm. Our thanks also to Eleanor Morrison, Kirsty Byers and Amy Wilson as Writer, Co-Directors and Assistant Director.

An excellent precursor for the festive season! Our thanks to all performers, their families, audience, tech and production crew who helped create this fantastic NORD magic.

View the NORD programme, featuring everyone involved, here.

Click here to view the production photographs by Sinclair MacKenzie



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