Young Performers Excel Themselves

Having two young casts create, rehearse and perform to professional standards was always a big ask of Firefly staff and performers, and last weekend’s double-bill of Buckle Up and Dark Mechanics proved what an exceptionally talented and creative crew we have here in West Lothian.

Buckle Up was created by Firefly’s young writers, supported by Ellie Stewart and directed by Laura Stephen, and presented a bitter-sweet interpretation of what it means to travel and not know exactly where you belong. Humorous, poignant and lyrical, the young cast imbued their tale of home-coming with integrity, compassion and hope.

Dark Mechanics, directed by Kirsty Byers and Eleanor Morrison, took a more visceral turn  to explore the dark edges of control, the myth of progress and the deification of sociopathic forces. Hugely physical, loud, bloody and confrontational, this is not a show for the faint-hearted. The cast, a besieged batch of laboratory mice, committed wholly to grime, sweat, fear, anger and incessant scratching.The aural, bodily and emotional pounding of the work left the audience reeling, with just a glimmer of optimism.

Both productions were stunningly designed and lit by Jessica Brettle and Malcolm Rogan, and we can look forward to seeing more of them; Buckle Up will be performed at this year’s National Festival of Youth Theatre at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr on Saturday 8th July, while Dark Mechanics will feature in the Chrysalis Festival at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre in November.

Congratulations to everyone involved in both productions. Great work!

To view Buckle Up and Dark Mechanics publicity and programme click here

To view Buckle Up photographs by Sinclair MacKenzie click here

To view Dark Mechanics photographs by Sinclair MacKenzie click here


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