Disco Pirates Get On Down…

West Lothian youth theate buffs are probably still in recovery from Yo Ho Ho, Firefly’s  spectacular funky-town of a winter show at Howden Park Centre this weekend. Co-directed by Eleanor Morrison and Laura Stephen, with 1970’s classics, ancient curses, disco dancing pirates, a maverick Sat-Nav and mermaids with menaces, this show really did have something for everyone.

Underpinning the fun, though, was a serious and poignant message on the devastating effects of plastic waste on our oceans and marine wild-life. The  excellent young cast coped artfully with the complexity of tackling a serious issue with humour, irony and empathy, aided by the clever crafting of Kirsty Byers who wrote and researched the show.

Our thanks also to Jess Brettle for a wonderful set and costumes (all plastic reused or recycled), Malcolm Rogan for lighting, Izzy Ross for choreography, Polly Phillips for musical direction, Kate Burton for film and Kyle McIntyre for sound. A Firefly Dream Team supporting yet another cast of extraordinary young performers!

To view production photos by Sinclair MacKenzie, click Here.

To view Yo Ho Ho programme and publicity, click Here.

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