Creating Chaos and Facing Fear….

Congratulations to both casts, production and technical teams that put together Firefly’s sumptuous summer double-bill last weekend. Its been a huge amount of work, in particular for directors Kirsty Byers and Miriam Larrainzar, but the achievements of these young people and the quality of both performances were tremendous.

First on was Titus, created by our Bathgate Navigator group and after Shakespeare’s most gory play, Titus Andronicus. Beheadings, mutilations and people baked in pies are just some of the dastardly deeds in this searing tale of lust, madness and revenge. The young performers (P7 to S2) delivered Shakespeare’s text with passion and expression, alternating with now-speak to enable their shell-shocked audience to catch up on some of the more complex story-lines. An absolute treat to watch, Titus was shocking, fast-paced, beautifully produced and hilarious.

Second on was Firefly young company’s devised piece, Have Heart Know Fear. Sparsely staged with 6 performers wielding huge metal frames, this strange and dream-like production led us into a mirror-world of pain, fear, cause and effect. With strong and confident performances, the cast created a poignant, arresting and, at times, discomforting insight into the human condition. A significant achievement for all involved, not least for the level of open emotion required.

Have Heart Know Fear will be performed again at the National Festival of Youth Theatre at the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr on Friday 5th July.

Our thanks to everyone involved in these productions. Both shows were teched by young people who recently completed Firefly Theatre Tech training, stoically supported  by Lighting Designer Malcolm Rogan. They were fabulously designed and costumed by Jessica Brettle. Thanks also to Sinclair MacKenzie for the production photos.

Last but certainly not least, huge thanks to all the young people involved, their families and carers, and Team Firefly for their continued support in increasingly challenging times!

View Titus and Have Heart Know Fear publicity and programme here.

View Titus photographs by Sinclair MacKenzie here.

View Have Heart Know Fear photographs by Sinclair MacKenzie here.

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