March 2022

In the month where the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Firefly are putting a massive focus on all things activist, and we’re doing it in proper style. We began this month with our first ever Mani-feast-o, where we invited a group of artists, facilitators, and young people who live & work in West Lothian, to creatively discuss the arts sector in West Lothian and how we can all work collaboratively towards a positive future with access to the arts for all. It was a brilliant evening where we shared a 3-course meal made from locally sourced and in season food. We broke bread and put the world to rights. #manifeasto

Our HYPE group have been creating instructive banners as an act of everyday defiance and activism. Their aim is to disrupt the general public’s day to day lives, and so they have placed these banners throughout Howden and Livingston. The banners said things such as “Give Way 2 Girls” & “Give Compliments to Strangers (no catcalling though)”, all instructing whoever happens to read them in a fun but direct way, commenting on social justice issues. 

All of our weekly core groups are still going strong, with our Navigators and Company 360 both working towards sharings which will be performed in the summer. Our film club have been diving into the core skills of film making and exploring different genres along the way. And the ‘Oot the Hoose’ group have met again to begin an exploration of the elements that it takes to make a show from scratch.

We began a brand project with a group of participants from New Directions here at Howden Park Centre. Kirsty and Emma have been working with the group to explore performance and theatre, with each week being framed by a different colour of the rainbow. 

And finally, the Firefly team are travelling to Perth at the end of March to meet with other artists & Facilitators who work with young people throughout Scotland as part of YTAS’ Interchange Festival. It’s sure to be a creative and fruitful weekend and we can’t wait to be a part of it!