Firefly offer a range of film-making activity. Check out the Whats On page to find our current workshops and holiday projects. Click onto the links below to view recent films created by our young people.


  • #BENEFITSOFTIMETRAVEL: Friday Filmclub summer 2014
  • BREATHE (A Word): Firefly entry for NTS 5 minute theatre 2014
  • FUSE: Things we like and things we don’t. 2012
  • THE SWORD: That didn’t appear in the film. 2011
  • UNTITLED: Created as part of a surrealist film club. 2011
  • FRIDAY: Created as part of a surrealist film club. 2011
  • WALK: Film & soundtrack created in 5 days & filmed in one continuous shot. 2011
  • CONTACTING THE WORLD: Short introductions by Firefly participants. 2011
  • PAPER BOY: Short film nominated for a First Light award. 2010

731 Bathgate Nights


2 years of film-making and  9 fantastic films later, this project worked with young people across the area to create a range of interlinked short films, leading to a longer film, Common Ground,  for wider screening and distribution.

Huge thanks to all who attended the premiere of Common Ground at Howden Park. The evening was hosted by Firefly’s talented young film-makers and, in addition to Common Ground, we screened the 8 short films that linked into it. Common Ground was created with young people in every key position of the crew. Funded by Creative Scotland and led by Jen Randall, young film-makers created several short films about growing up in West Lothian, using a range of genres that included experimental drama, animation and documentary. No worries if you missed the premiere in November– you can view Common Ground, the Show Reel  (an excellent intro into how the film was made) and all the link films here:

With special thanks to Jen Randall, Geraldine Heaney, Kirsty Byers, Dom Bush, David McKeitch and Euan Ryan

A DVD of all Bathgate 731 films can be ordered from Firefly for £5.

Contact or 08447 744496


Calling all Firefly Filmies

Do you have a good copy of  any of Firefly’s past creations?  We’d like to store a full record of Firefly’s film-making on our Vimeo site. If you have a master or quality copy of a past Firefly film we’d love to hear from you. Contact Joanna on 08447 744496 or email



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