Firefly Arts is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), and governed by a Board of Directors which includes past participants, parents, theatre, arts and business professionals. Board members act as key ambassadors for the organisation, and provide a vital range of skills and experience in the arts, education, business, finance, marketing, community relationships and other relevant fields.

Our current board of directors:

Frazer Henderson

Eleanor Stewart

Emma Mooney

Philip Kingscott

Sinclair MacKenzie

Andrew Miller

Rod Young

Sameena Wright

Sylvia Forshaw

Laura Firth

Interested in joining?

Firefly’s Board of Directors meet 6 times a year and we welcome new members. If you feel you have skills to contribute and are interested in joining Firefly’s Board, please contact:

Helen Rashad on 01506 333005 or email helen@firefly-arts.co.uk