P.A.C.T Pathway Project

P.A.C.T is delighted to have the resources to support 3 young people each year who are interested in taking a pro-active role in local, community and national forums, think-tanks, and/or focus-groups. If you are someone who is passionate about using your voice in a space that it will be heard and taken seriously, and you are interested in having discussions/debates with likeminded people throughout the country, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Your experience on the P.A.C.T Pathway Project will be individual, and specific to your interests and needs. Ricky (P.A.C.T Project Coordinator) will support you to find and attend any events throughout your community and the wider sector, that are exciting and relevant to you.

If you feel this is something you’re interested in being a part of, email: ricky@firefly-arts.co.uk, with your name, age, a brief description of yourself and a few of the things that you are really passionate about, or that get you riled up and eager to do something about!

If you are part/know of a group or community who would be interested and benefit from being part of the P.A.C.T project, then get in touch with Ricky (project coordinator).

E-mail: ricky@firefly-arts.co.uk

Tel: 01506 333005