P.A.C.T (Positive Actions for Challenging Times) is a dynamic and exciting youth arts and media programme aiming to equip young people, aged 12 to 24, throughout West Lothian with the confidence and skills to speak out and take action on issues that affect them, their lives, and the communities that they are a part of.

P.A.C.T is coordinated by Firefly Arts’ Ricky Williamson and has been developed in partnership with young people across West Lothian, to be a 3-year project that will prioritise the needs and interests of young people who are socially, geographically, or economically disadvantaged. This 3-year project will be delivered through 9 separate projects, with 9 groups of young people throughout West Lothian.

With the option for these projects to be delivered in a variety of ways, such as weekly groups, one off sessions, intensive week long projects, etc, and with each project ending in the creation of a ‘final product’, which could take any form (performance, film, audio piece, sculpture, song, podcast, etc), P.A.C.T is completely responsive to the needs and interests of the young people taking part in the project.


During the summer of 2021, Firefly’s P.A.C.T Film Club participated in a 3 day film project, where they explored activism and standing up for what they believe in through the format of film. They explored everyday acts of kindness, load acts of activism/protest and creating their own music video! Watch the film here!

If you are part/know of a group or community who would be interested and benefit from being part of the P.A.C.T project, then get in touch with Ricky (project coordinator).

E-mail: ricky@firefly-arts.co.uk

Tel: 01506 333005