Hosted by Firefly Arts, ARC West Lothian works to place arts and culture at the heart of West Lothian social and economic recovery. We aim to address barriers and perceptions of inclusion, equality and empowerment whilst creating sustainable cultural partnerships.

We’re currently reaching out to artists from all disciplines with a connection to West Lothian. Find out more HERE or email us at arc@firefly-arts.co.uk.

ARC West Lothian is one of twenty six projects which have been undertaken across the length and breadth of Scotland, under the banner of Culture Collective

All twenty six projects are shaped by local communities alongside artists and creative organisations. Funded by Scottish Government emergency COVID-19 funds through Creative Scotland, these projects will take place from March 2021 until October 2023.


West Lothian ARC is part of the Culture Collective programme. The Culture Collective Fund awarded £6 million of Scottish Government emergency COVID-19 funds through Creative Scotland to 26 organisations in February 2021. Alongside delivering locally-rooted, participatory creative activity across Scotland, a distinctive feature of the Culture Collective is the opportunity for the 26 member projects to come together as a network. This brings opportunities to learn together, to share experiences, and to amplify the impact of this part of our creative sector.


West Lothian ARC is hosted by Firefly Arts, and supported by cultural partners:

Artlink Edinburgh and The Lothians

Generation Arts

Reconnect/Regal Theatre

West Lothian Leisure.



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