Our Staff

All Firefly activity is developed and delivered by our small but enthusiastic team of drama, film and performance arts specialists. Essentially backed by our excellent administrative staff, volunteers, board members and workshop assistants.


Core Staff

  • Joanna van den Berg: Director
  • Eleanor Morrison: Artistic Director
  • Alison Cockcroft: Administrator
  • Laura Stephen: Senior Theatre Arts Practitioner/PILOT Co-ordinator
  • Kirsty Byers: Senior Theatre Arts Practitioner/Redemption Road Co-ordinator



 Associate Artists
  • Polly Philips: Music, Voice & Song-writing
  • Kate Burton: Film
  • Rosie Reid: Performance Arts
  • Ellie Stewart: Writer in Residence
  • Geraldine Heaney: Music & Performance Arts
  • Pete Lannon: Music, Sound Design and Performance
  • Kim Donohoe: Music, Sound Design and Performance
  • David Banks:Performance Arts and Parkour Practitioner
  • Morgan Gilday: Music, Voice & Song-writing

223863_4207830188531_1536196483_nEllie733748_10151358300427136_544009044_nScan 1

 Volunteers and Assistants
  • Tim Davidson
  • Taylor Thompson
  • Charlie Houston
  • Miriam Larrainzar
  • Dylan Ritchie
photo 1Photo 2

Firefly Arts Ltd is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Firefly is governed by a Board of Directors with a broad range of skills and experience. Members include past participants, parents, arts and business professionals. Firefly’s Board of Directors meet 6 times a year and we welcome new members. If you feel you have skills and experience to contribute, and are interested in joining Firefly’s Board, please contact:

Joanna van den Berg,  Firefly Director, on 01506 333005 or email director@firefly-arts.co.uk

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