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Firefly is West Lothians top provider of outstanding quality and accessible drama, film and youth arts activity for children and young people. We are another pair of hands to a family and a home from home for the young people who engage with us.

We offer a broad arts programme for young people. We upskill, train and equip young people with new skills, abilities and experiences so that they become empowered and resilient and develop a passion for the creative arts.

Because of us young people a better sense of who they are and what they are capable of, and have more positive aspirations for themselves, their communities and their futures.

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We know there are many people across West Lothian and across Scotland who are happy to champion Firefly to share their positive thoughts about us, so that others can hear from you how important we really are.

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A bright future

We are always looking to welcome new participants, work with new partners, deliver new projects, and improve our resilience. If you know of someone who will want to join one of our sessions, an organisation who might want to work with us, or if you, your work place or someone you know might want to talk to us about supporting the work that we do, we would love to hear from you.

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We are keen to build our network of influencers, champions and key people across West Lothian and Scotland. Please help us to build a network of people just like you. Share this page with your colleagues, peers, and networks so they can find out more about Firefly, and become part of our story too.

Come to our Open House Party!

To celebrate our 33rd birthday, on <Date here> we are holding an Open Day to celebrate all things Firefly.

  • Watch our current participants showcase their latest projects
  • Bring your family to take part and get involved
  • See for yourself the positive impact that we are making in peoples lives