Partnership Projects

Championing West Lothian

We work in partnership with the West Lothian arts community to unlock opportunities for young people. We fill a vital gap in provision, we champion young people, advocate for the arts and raise the profile of West Lothian.

Our partnership projects include:

A Culture Collective project, ARC works to place arts and culture at the heart of West Lothian social and economic recovery. We aim to address barriers and perceptions of inclusion, equality and empowerment whilst creating sustainable cultural partnerships.

SPARK tapestry project

A kind project that ensures everyone experiencing social isolation around Craigshill feels values and able to spark their potential

Creative Consultation

Engaging with arts practitioners linked to West Lothian to provide training and new opportunities. Connecting creatives to local communities.


A feast of a project that explores how the role of food can create social connections and big ideas

Growing Together

Coming soon … a creative approach to a community garden.


A safe space for children and their families to talk, be heard, make
connections and choices, to help make life a little better. Working together with organisations across West Lothian to find the best way to support young people who are struggling with their wellbeing.

Our positive partners include:

  • Local youth, family and community organisations
  • Arts and cultural organisations
  • Youth education services
  • Leisure and tourism services
  • Social Service providers