Our Charity

At our very heart

At Firefly, our values are at the heart of what we do. Our children and young people, their parents and carers, and our champions all recognise that:

We are Brave: Known for trying new things and experimenting across artistic genre

We are Relevant and responsive: Our work etc is shaped and curated by young people so they can explore themes that matters to them

We are Both quality and quantity: Our offer is broad – there are many ways to get involved with Firefly and we are known for our superb quality everything we do.

Empowering young people: We see young people for who they might become and enable them to be the best version of themselves

We are welcoming and inclusive: we dont ask you to fit in with us, instead we fit in with you and we all fit in together

We are encouraging and celebratory: We celebrate everyone for who they are and encourage you to be the best you can be

We are fun: we make sure you are happy, have friends and feel great about yourself

We are Rooted: We are rooted in West Lothian, with commitment to, and in partnerships with, our local communities.

We are connected: Our strategic and community players play a key role in our capacity to engage effective with hard to reach groups, new participants and the wider community

We have young people at our very heart: our core purpose is to transform and enrich young lives and our young people guide and steer everything we do

We are Creative: committed to generating fun, creative and life-transforming arts experiences for all

We are not a school, we are not a home, we are not a club, instead we are just a great place where young people can just come and have an absolute blast!

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