Championing West Lothian

Making West Lothian stand proud

Firefly are one of the central pillars of positive partnerships across West Lothian. We add arts provision to social services, and social support to arts providers. We add creativity to education provision and improved wellbeing to health provision. Above all, we are the central voice that champions everything and makes West Lothian stand proud.

Because of us

  • The arts and social service sectors have improved levels of inclusion, more equality and a greater sense of empowerment
  • West Lothian has a vital lifeline with a superb quality of service
  • Families have another pair of hands to help out within a home-from-home environment
  • Parents know their children are safe and having fun
  • Our partners and the West Lothian Council Area are championed and celebrated


Young people:

  • Are signposted to other service providers
  • Can be playful
  • Feel Saved!
  • Have an unconditionally kind and supportive network
  • Have more positive aspirations for themselves, their communities and their future
  • Are seen for who they might become
  • Have improved physical health
  • Improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • Are not forgotten we work to reach those who do not have access to the arts