Because of us

Because of us young people have a better sense of who they are and what they are capable of, and have more positive aspirations for themselves, their communities and their futures. Young people are able to demonstrate and learn new skills, develop their problem solving skills, become playful and see what is possible.

…Young people

develop socially as they make new friends, find a people that become their community, have a safe space where they can talk about their personal issues and develop skills working in a team.

The West Lothian arts scene and social service sectors have improved levels of inclusion, more equality and a greater sense of empowerment, and the education system has increased creativity in their classrooms.

A legacy for a lifetime

We upskill, train and equip, we build confidence and generate a sense of community, we champion the arts and West Lothian and we add creativity into schools

“Because of Firefly – I know my child will go through their teenage years, and will be alright!”


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